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November 05, 2008


Oh please

Here is what you need to understand: I know plenty of people who could fire off such a bizarre crack about Canada, about how pointless it makes itself in international affairs, about the hidden failures of its health care system, about how it nurtures such annoying, condescending, backward thinking such as what you display here. But then you would think of me as just another ugly American. And you and Michelle Obama could continue your self-important pronouncements that you are only proud of America when your favorite candidate wins or your personal ideology, rancid as it is, is ascendant. This country is different from Canada in one big way: You come here, you are one of us. For better or worse. You don't get that. Because you don't understand America. And thanks so much for the lecture. We natives enjoyed it so much. And good luck with the next four and perhaps eight years, pal. Good luck spreading the wealth around and paling around with radicals. What a great plan.

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